What We Do

We do architectural lighting design, we like to solve lighting issues in every kind of projects, we propose lighting for spaces that are usable, considering the operational cost in it.

Who We Are

We are an Architectural lighting design firm, which it shares with its clients the development of integrated projects, creatively solving solutions for spaces where light is a tool to create environments.

The use of light as artistic palette allows us to transform those spaces where architecture sometimes is so dense that daylight can't reach entrance,  walls or columns.

This office was created in Mexico City back in 2008 the surrounding culture influence on our decisions, we are committed to play a role of international standing and looking at the commitment to the future of this country, as the world .

We have intervened, commercial, residential, corporate and public spaces such as museums, theaters, airport terminals and hospitals. We could also illuminate some facades of buildings and we have the capability to integrate an interdisciplinary to participated in special projects.

What We've Achieved

  • To become solvers for museums especially when they are in buildings that can not be affected.
  • Be advisors to hospitals with the best technology in the country in addition to worrying about the efficiency of their lighting system are concerned about the quality of lighting for their patients.
  • We solve office buildings, integrating lighting proposal and the lighting control for corporate space to be efficient projects and the lighting quality for its users.


Our Mission

Create spaces with worth value lighting around the world, focusing in energy saving solutions, high quality task lighting, lighting effects, and the most important the user requirements.

What We're Looking For

  • Educate the use of lumens per watts v/s quality of lighting.
  • Offering functional, efficient and emblematic architectural solutions for spaces that we intervene.
  • Highlight the architecture, landscape, design generated by our customers.
  • Designed with quality fixtures that allow its proper maintenance, its durability and good operation over the years
  • Serving clients who understand the benefit of good lighting in their spaces.
  • Generate lighting concepts appropriate for the architecture level.
  • Develop lighting projects that endure over time.
  • Generate interdisciplinary synergies to develop successful cases.
  • Customer awareness that their investment in lighting is a decision for the future